“Food is essential to life, therefore make it good” (Truett Cathy). It is a pursuit of many foodies to find the best taco, burger or whatever is there favorite food item. I  enjoy many different foods, but two foods I enjoy more than others are doughnuts and barbecue. Whenever I travel I seek out the best doughnut shops and barbecue establishments…sometimes not much more than a roadside stand in hopes of finding the best.

Sprayberry’s BBQ in Newnan, Ga

I have over the past year visited sixty barbecue restaurants and stands. Enjoying southern bbq in Colorado and the best brisket I have ever eaten in Savannah, Ga. I was amazed that in Caspar, Wyoming a converted gas station served southern bbq and all the sides like slaw, beans and brunswick stew; and of course to wash it all down they had good ol’ sweet tea. In Savannah, Ga an area known for its fresh seafood, I found a restaurant called Willie’s and decided to try all of the smoked meats, which included sausage, pork, brisket, chicken and ribs…I now wish I had reserved all my calories and attention to the one meat that was melt in your mouth delicious, the brisket. I do not know what the secret was, but I will be back and plan to find out.

As Jim Gaffigan said, “everyone loves doughnuts.” I want to believe that and sometimes when I am deep into a conversation with someone about the latest doughnut shop I visited and someone states, ” I do not like doughnuts.” I find it hard not to think of them as not human and just to move on to the next person and conversation, but I can’t not try and convince them they must try the King’s Doughnuts before giving up on life.

The King’s Doughnuts in Fairburn, Ga